No school on Monday January 16th.

We are getting geared up for our winter assessments. Your child will be taking the FAST, A-reading, and I-Ready assessments this month. Results will be sent home once everything is finalized. The results of these assessments may change the enrichment group/s your child is currently attending. We will keep you posted on any changes that are made.

We are continuing to collect BOX TOPS!

Mrs. Volk is open for tutoring this school year. If interested, please contact her directly

Click here for a direct link to I-Ready. I-ready is an awesome site to encourage your child to visit. Two days per week for 15 minutes each will help your child academically.

Click here for a direct link to Epic, a reading site for kids. EPIC

Click here for a direct link to ConnectedED, a math site aligned to our math curriculum.ConnectEd

Click here for a direct link to xtramath, a math site for math fact practice. Xtramath
Each child has a PIN number to put in and... will need your teacher's email:


We are continuing to use the Journey's curriculum. This encompasses spelling, reading, grammar, and writing. The students will be taught in whole and small groups. We will also be using Scholastic News and trade books. Please keep in mind that we are not doing a traditional Monday-Friday schedule. We are rotating every 6 days or so on a new unit so things like Spelling tests will be given 5 days after the list is sent home, unlike the typical "Friday test." If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher.


This year we are continuing to use the Everyday Math series. We have started unit 5. Next week we will be representing fractions using standard notation, words, and drawings, recognizing equivalent fractions, using helper facts to solve harder problems, and use doubling to solve for area.

Science with Mrs. Garrison:

Mrs. Garrison will be teaching Science for all three sections of third grade. Students will rotate out every four weeks. I'm back with Mrs. Volk's class starting Stormy Skies. We have looked at different clouds by making a Storm Spotter's Guide and then tried to identify when a storm was coming. Next we will look at climates of the world.

Social Studies with Mrs. Volk:

Mrs. Volk will be teaching Social Studies for all three sections of third grade. Students will rotate every four weeks. We will start out the year learning about Native Americans, Settlers in Jamestown, and Salem, MA. I am currently working with Mrs. Wright's class.

Writing with Mrs. Wright~

I am your child's third grade writing teacher. I hope to instill a passion and love for writing amongst all third graders. We'll be writing opinion pieces, informative/explanatory texts & narratives this year. I'll use explicit instruction to teach Anita Archer's Summary Writing Strategy with Mrs. Garrison's class. Please let me know if you have any questions as to what we're practicing in writing class.


Thank you to all of our party volunteers. We started our Christmas break off with a very successful school party!

The December calendar is due, no later than Monday. Please send it back with your child. Keep the reading up at home. Encourage your child to meet their January reading goal.

Remember the math HomeLinks. We are preparing for the unit and cumulative assessments.

You can always place an order on-line, but please know it won't be received by Scholastic until I finalize it. You can access Scholastic from here...Scholastic Our class code is GXPY2. You are also welcome to send the order back to school with a check written out to Scholastic for me to place your order. Please contact me with questions.
IF you ever want to purchase books as gifts, just let me know in an email (I'm a great secret keeper), and I'll let you know when they arrive.
NEW book orders were sent home today. They are due next Friday, the 13th.


Math Homelinks this next week will be Lessons 5-1 through 5-5.

Our spelling test will be on January 11. I will be adding challenge words to those students that have a 100% on their pretest.

Book orders will go home again this month. You can always place an online order through Scholastic Book Clubs, but please keep in mind that it won't submit until I finalize it with orders I receive at school. You can log on hereScholastic and use our class code N9TPR. You also can send a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs and I can place the order here at school.

Try to encourage reading at home! We are sharing the good books we are reading each morning trying to build on the love of reading!

Thank you all for your support and have a great week!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

Mrs. Wright:

  • Our next spelling assessment over vowel + /r/ sounds will be administered on Wednesday, January 11th.
  • Fluency practice- each Monday your child will receive a 2-sided handout which will help your child practice his/her fluency at home. Monday through Thursday your child will read the passage to you for 1 minute. Please record how many words per minute your child read in the box provided. You will also note how many mistakes he/she read. This sheet also has comprehension questions on the back. Your child will need to turn this sheet in on Friday mornings with both sides completed. This week's sheet is titled, "The Sad Story of Snuffles".
  • Reading calendars- The goal is for your child to read 20 minutes per day outside of the school setting. Your child will record his/her minutes on the January reading calendar. The January reading calendar is due on Tuesday, January 31st.
  • January Scholastic Book orders will be sent out this week. These orders offer reasonably priced picture and chapter books.
  • THANK YOU to parents who have extra time in their schedules to come into our classroom and volunteer. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  • Grades will be continuously updated on Infinite Campus. Feel free to email me with any questions regarding Infinite Campus.
  • Our class loves XtraMath. It's a website that will help build math fact automaticity. Students can use their yellow sheets (on the back of their blue take home folders) to locate their pin #'s. My email address is needed to login. It's
  • The weather is constantly changing. Please have your kids dress accordingly for outdoor recess. Thank you!
  • Miss Dunagan has started her student teaching placement in our classroom. She's very excited to be here and work with our 3rd graders!

Please let me know if you have any questions in regards to the above information! ~Mrs. Wright